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  • Product Model::
  • Whole lamp size:: 150*230
  • Lighting Type:: LED
  • Including Bulb:: Including LED
  • Light No:: 1
  • Function:: Key switch
  • Power/W:: 15W
  • Voltage(V):: 110-220V
  • Material Type:: Rubber Wood
Product description

Low pressure work safety and reliability

The low voltage LED lamp operates under the operating voltage of the DC 12V-24V. It is a safe voltage,
It can be applied to various fields. There is no danger to the person.


High brightness LED light source of low pressure Long life Optional splicing



Company gift, tabletop lamp

Office desk lamp


Ultra bright LED light source. Long service life. Luminous flux is compared to 360LM. phase.
The use of small beads can reach the same brightness


High luminance LED light source

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